Software by Vincent Rubinetti
clean and complete apps for all ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
Mute Tabs By Url
A Chrome extension that automatically mutes tabs based on their url using a black list or a white list, and includes several other useful muting controls
  • can match sites with multiple keywords
  • can keep in-focus tab always unmuted
  • changeable keyboard shortcuts for all controls
  • Track View
    An app that lets you load stems/tracks of a song and play them back together, with the ability to mute/solo them individually
    • run locally for practice/rehearsal, or online for exhibition/marketing
    • waveform and peak meter visualization of tracks
    • same standard keyboard controls as audio software
  • Set
    A colorful card game of pattern-matching – originally a tabletop family game, translated to the web for solo play
    • 81 unique cards, with four properties each: number, fill, color, and shape
    • a set is three cards that are either all the same or all different for each property
    • find sets as quickly as you can until there are none left!
  • Test Your Tempo
    An app for conductors and other musicians who sight-read sheet music to train and test their internal sense of tempo given only the bpm number
    • random common tempos, or type in your own
    • graph/info of your accuracy, precision, and more
    • runs on mobile browsers for portability